About Crypto Galaxy

Crypto Galaxy is a blockchain SLG game built on BNBChain. Gamers can create accounts to purchase, upgrade and cultivate planets, and develop their Planet Alliances to start Galaxy Exploration, discover resources, fight against other planets' lords, or make a fortune by occupying stars. To win interstellar wars and grow wealth, you need to build your planet-building clusters and implement various strategies such as construction, troop production, exploration, and star biddings.
Besides the game itself, Crypto Galaxy is also a self-evolving game community run by a DAO. Most of the game revenue will be distributed to players in the community or go to the DAO treasury. The community will drive investment and the development of the game ecosystem.
The prosperity of the Crypto Galaxy relies on the community’s expansion. In addition to the rewards that players get from the game, the protocol will also distribute a portion of the value created by new players to inviters. You can benefit from the growth of this system for a long time.
Unlike most of GameFi projects’ user rewards, which are very dependent on the price rise of game-native tokens, most of Crypto Galaxy's rewards are distributed in the form of other core assets in the BNB Chain ecosystem, such as BNB and XVS, so the rewards here will be more sustainable and stable.
It should be noted that the following content is our plan and is subject to changes before the final launch. Please refer to the final document later.

Planning and Vision

Crypto Galaxy is a solution to the common lack-of-playability problem in the GameFi area. We integrated strategies properly and created abundant resource consumption cases based on a familiar game scenario. You can see this in the early gameplay of Planet Alliance and Galaxy Tycoon, and you will see this in the future integration with other GameFi projects of interstellar themes (potential partnerships will be released gradually), as well as cooperation with popular GameFi projects on BNB Chain and further IP collaboration. Crypto Galaxy will update the game scene and gameplay frequently. We aim to create an open-source world to accommodate more dimensions of cooperation, break away from the stereotype of specific themes, and create diverse gameplay for gamers.
In addition, e-sports based on the fan economics will also become leverage for Crypto Galaxy to jump out of the box and capture traditional gamers. After the user base expands and the market grows, Crypto Galaxy will also offer valuable communication and social system by combining GameFi & SocialFi and regularly hosting championships to promote the game.

How to start


First of all, you need a BNB Chain-supported wallet. We recommend MetaMask for PC gamers. You also need BNB to pay for gas fees.
MetaMask wallet link: https://metamask.io/download/


Then, you need to apply and activate your game account.
Each account consumes 2000DSG (you can also pay with BNB) for an account avatar NFT. This NFT will be your identity and login credentials. It is non-transferable. After generating your identity, you can choose a unique nickname. The nickname must not be the same as an existing user's nickname.

Invite Friends

You can also invite your friends to join the game. As a reward, when the invitee enters the game through your invitation link and spends DSG to complete the account creation, you will receive 5% of the cost of the invitee's subsequent spending for Planet Boxes and Planet Collide and receive 3% of the invitee’s trading volume of the game's core token BOX.
There are some special notes here. As you can see in the “Core token: BOX” section, we have set the transaction tax and distributed it reasonably. A portion of which will be given to inviters after they successfully invite a friend.
After completing the above basic preparations, you can try the following types of gameplay, including:
-Own and operate your planets
-Form Planet Alliances and place troops with core battle gameplay
-Join Galaxy Exploration to get various resources and possible game props
-Try Galaxy Tycoon gameplay to obtain the core token BOX, and get protocol rewards by staking BOX
For more specific rules, see the "Gameplay Encyclopedia" section.
Before playing, you must thoroughly understand the Crypto Galaxy’s Tokenomics.